More About the Boat

Riptide 41 Designed by Paul Bieker


Hull and Deck constructed on male molds. Carbon sandwich using Divinicell core. Hard chine running stern almost to bow. Water ballast with gravity transfer system. Twin steering wheels, twin rudders. 2.3m Prod with dual tack lines. True cabin with room for 8 bunks while at dock.

Complete Harken hardware package.



Southern Spars designed and constructed carbon rig. Rig is two piece using regatta splice. Twin spreaders, EC6 carbon standing rigging. 2:1 Main Halyard, 2 Masthead Spin halyards (one setup for 2:1 Code0), 2 fractional Jib halyards on locks. Main will be on Battcar system using roller bearings. Takeoffs in place for eventual lazy jack system. Reef clutches located in boom. Main and topmast deflector clutches on mast. Internal Mast Jacks at mast step. Forestay using multiple length stops


Twin topmast backstays to accomodate squaretop main. Deflectors in place to pull backstay to the hounds. Kevlar backstays go to 3:1 purchase system lead to cabintop winches.


Spectra/Dyneema Halyards supplied by Southern. Likely will need core or cover bulking for jib halyards @ clutch


Spectra 8mm

Tylaska H8

69 m

Masthead Spin

Spectra 10mm

Tylaska T8

48 m

Code 0

Spectra 10mm

Tylaska T8

72 m

Jib x2

Dynex 5mm

Tylaska T8 Bullet

4 m

Jib Tail x2

Spectra 6mm

38 m


A Style main sheet using 75mm airblocks. lead forward through lock open spinlock clutch XX0812 then to main self tailing winch (Harken Perfoma 50s)


8:1 purchase system using 57mm Harken Carbo blocks, lead foward to harken 57mm ratchamatic flip flops.


Main cunno attach 2:1 lead below deck with initial 3:1 cascade at mast base and additional 3:1 cascade in aft section prior to exiting through both sides of steering pedestals. 18:1


Rigid vang with initial 8:1 purchase, lead below deck and aft to 3:1 cascade in aft section prior to exiting through both steering pedestals. 24:1


12:1 purchase system within boom lead to cam cleat located on bottom of boom


Floating jib lead system. Primary is 2 titanium padeyes on cabin top. Adjustment lines will be luggage tagged to padeye, lead through titanium ring, back through padeye creating 2:1 cascade before going back to clutch in hotbox. Same system further forward for #3 and #4 but with only single padeye.


Jib cunno/floating tack lead below deck to initial 6:1 cascade, then back to 6:1 split purchase running aft in handhold tubes to coamings in cockpit, ending at harken flip flops


Water ballast controls for each tank, 1 control for gravity drain between tanks and 1 for outboard drain. lead back to cam cleats next to main trim.

Running Rigging

West Marine West Coast Rigging. Endura Braid for sheets. Spool of Amsteel Blue SK75 5mm for internal rigging runs. Details available in separate file.

The only hydraulics on boat are for the internal mast jack. Other design files (deck layout, 3D models) available on request.

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