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Riptide 41 Designed by Paul Bieker


Blue is a Riptide 41 designed by Paul Bieker. She is a high performance gentleman's racer. It is designed to be sailed efficiently with a crew of between 6 and 8 rather than the 10-12 persons commonly found on a racing boat of this size, and it has comfortable accommodations for everyone on the boat. With its ultralight weight carbon construction, large rig and water ballast it is fast upwind and down over the full range of sailing conditions. The Riptide 41 is currently under construction at Jim Betts' in Anacortes, WA. Some key features of Blue: carbon hull, carbon rig, carbon standing rigging, water ballast, twin wheels, twin rudders, with actual interior accommodations.

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LOA 12.5 m Displacement 3937 kg
LWL 12.1 m Fixed Ballast 1907 kg
Beam 4 m Water Ballast 850 kg per side
Beam @ Waterline 3.06 m Mast above Water 20.53 m
Draft 3.05 m Mast Tube 20.55 m
Mainsail 72 sq m Spin 200 sq m
Jib 51 sq m Disp/Length 63
Isp 19.12 m I 17.41 m
Jspin 7.46 m J 5.18 m
P 17.54 m E 6.43 m

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