Sailing to Bring a Village a Well.

Blue H20 is sailing this year to raise money to provide a borehole water well system in the Monde village located in Buikwe, Uganda. We€™ve partnered with Aquascape Foundation to get this done.

Right now, the Monde villagers get their water from unsanitary runoff "holes€¯ or they walk over 4 miles for a few gallons for the whole family. Since the walk is unprotected, children are at a risk of danger, including the potential for abduction, rape, and murder. That€™s a lot to ask for a clean drink of water.

This year, Blue H20 is on an all out mission to put a water well in the village of Monde

  • The borehole will pump up to 2,536 gallons of water a day

  • The well will supply water for more than 600 villagers

  • That€™s just over 4 gallonss of water per person per day (Americans use 80-100 gallons per person per day)

  • We need to raise $9,000 to bring the well to Monde

Think of the difference you can make. You can actually save lives. We really need your help. Please donate now. Any and Every dollar counts.

Blue H20 does not and will not fund any aspect of the "Blue" racing or operational program.
BlueH20 is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.
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