Sailing for the Navajo Water Project

When most Americans imagine life without clean water, they think of far-away places like Sub-Saharan Africa. But water poverty affects families right here in the United States.

Around Smith Lake, New Mexico - the heart of Navajo nation - there are over 250 homes and more than 70,000 people without tap or toilet water. NOTHING. In fact, while the average American uses more than 100 gallons of water every day, tens-of-thousands of Navajo get fewer than 10 gallons per day. That's an injustice.

Blue H2O wants to be a part of the solution, so we've teamed up with our friends at DigDeep to help them with their Navajo Water Project (

We are on an all out mission to raise enough money this season to put running water for basic needs such as cleaning, washing and toilets in as many homes as possible, but we can only accomplish this with your help. Every dollar counts.

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